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in the united states in may, the proverbial sell in may and go away does not translate over sseas, and we ar in bear markets in russia and brazil which were off 20% from the peaks in march alone. we are sitting on critical support. look at the market in russia for example, because we ahave taken out the lows that we established in the fall, in despite of the financial maelstrom. >> and you are saying that russia is driving the entire world's markets? i want to bring in dave reidel of the reidel research, and i am seeing no inflation a and central banks cutting the rates and it is a great backdrop. >> that is right. they are doing nothing wrong and emerge sshgt ing markets are lo good. and we look at the fear fac chur of consumer sentiment, and this summer not the time to be away at all, but nibbling at the position of the emerging markets and maybe a few percentage points higher, but if we are right, we think that the focus is on the fundamentals in the back half of the year, and very good time to be long emerging markets equities. >> and you agree with that, tim? you are bullish on the emer
rejected the united states and its european allies offer of compromise here and this gives them more time to continue to do precisely what john just said. >> so, ken, to john's point, it's just all been delay tactics it seems. >> that's right. the iranians have gotten us into the carpet store. that's the tactic. i wrote this in a column. once you're in the carpet store, they know you will buy the carpet. the question, what is the final price. the carpet they want us to buy is to allow them to continue to enrich uranium, that's a disaster, a huge concession that the obama administration has made. a big, big mistake. a deadly mistake. >> gentlemen, a couple of deadlines coming up. let's use that advisedly. july 1st, the ban on oil exports from iran goes into effect. ambassador ginsburg, does that july 1st move this story when it goes to moscow. does iran offer any concession whatsoever in order to give a fig leaf to stop that ban? >> the most important thing to remember, those in the foreign policy community will argue that iran steps up in this game of chicken to the very last moment. >> r
of the united states. he's been in kind of overdrive and he keeps doing the same thing that the liberals always do, raise taxes and attack the rich. >> you know what else? he took bush's deficit -- >> raise taxes, tax the rich. while he's been doing this, democrats -- liberals have been going down, conservatives have been going up. there are moe nudists in america, there are more bird watchers in america, there are more nude bird watchers in america. >> in the audience of this channel obviously. the stimulus package and what liberals didn't like about the stimulus is it included tons of tax cuts. tax increases have not happened. that is factually inaccurate what you just said. number two, if barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, how did he manage to turn and the economy that bush basically pushed off a cliff. >> the growth is 2% and raonald reagan had a growth of 6%. >> i want to pursue this angle. if the growth in the economy was so good, the stock market would be much better, the unemployment rate would be a whole lot lower but i'm watching given -- we're a financial channel. the stock m
, the united states is not going to leave afghanistan on its own. here's the president. >> with this agreement, afghanistan has a friend and a partner in the united states. mr. president, there will be difficult days ahead. but as we move forward with our transiti transition, i'm confident that afghan forces will grow stronger. the afghan people will take control of their future. >> reporter: now, in the excerpts we've gotten of the president's speech he says we retain a clear path of success in afghanistan while delivering justice to al qaeda. that is the reference to the takedown of osama bin laden a year ago. now, he sparked some political controversy by including mention of that accomplishment and drawing the distinction with mitt romney in a campaign video. mitt romney commemorated the anniversary today by campaigning with new york city -- former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. he hit back at the president for too much politicizing. >> i think it's totally appropriate for the president to express to the american people the view that he has that he had an important role in taking out os
in the united states, deep recessions are followed by substantial recoveries. that is -- i beg your pardon -- >> not in the last 20 years. >> in the last 20 years, we had small recessions. when you had a deep recession like we had in the '50s, or '70s, or early '80s. you're supposed to come from minus eight to plus eight. the reason you haven't gotten it is stifling policies. that's my point, jared bernstein, and if you're bumbling around at 2% economic growth, 3 1/2 years -- >> there's no recovery under socialist government. >> there's no recovery under socialist government. >> that's just name calling. that doesn't add anything to the government. here's what you're saying, larry. let's get to your point. you're making an argument, i don't think you're right, but it's an argument. you're saying that had we not undertaken the stimulus, the t.a.r.p., the whole -- >> right. >> -- that growth would've bounced back. >> right. that's what i'm saying. >> according to rinehart, literally 100 plus years of data analysis, that wouldn't have happened -- >> not from this country. they did not use thi
talking pretty much globally, certainly europe and the united states. does that mean we are not really in an economic recovery? is that what you're trying to say? >> it depends on how you define these things. in some ways we are not in a recovery. look at the employment population ratio. it's stuck at 58.5%. that's kind of close to the lowest it's been in this whole debacle. so we haven't recovered jobs. >> you're calling this the age of austerity. i'm going to assume you mean too much government spending cuts. and you know, milton freedman used to teach us that government spending as a share of gdp when it came down, that was a tax cut. i take it you don't agree with friedman on this? >> i've been advocating raising taxes and expenditures as a temporary measure to get us out of the weak economy. so that's the balanced budget multiplier. >> what happens to all those obama multipliers? we were supposed to have a 6% unemployment rate today or less. it's over 8. it didn't really seem like that samuelson model worked. >> well, that wasn't the balanced budget expenditure. but yeah, we've ha
. >> the house is going to act to extend the current tax rates. it's time for the united states senate to do their work. otherwise, we're going to have this mess all stacked up until after the election. and you want to talk about a train wreck? >> let's bring our guests to talk about this story. we have jared bernstein. we welcome back republican conference chairman jeb hensarling of texas. congressman hensarling, i was happy to hear that you were going to extend the bush tax cuts. i wanted to ask you, would that extension be temporary? would it be permanent? when do you reckon you'll take your vote? >> take it soon, because obviously the market needs some certainty, particularly after we looked at the last jobs report. third straight month where job growth has decreased. we now have -- looking at the labor force participation rate, the worst employment record of an administration in 30 years. so we need some certainty. frankly, we want to go beyond that. we need a tax cut that is fair, flatter, simpler, more competitive, which is what we have in our budget and the president threatens the si
to any nations outside the united states. in fact it wasn't going to harm the puppets. >> but it did. >> now they're trying to tell me that a sovereign debt crisis isn't as deflationary as a banking crisis. complete lunacy. greece has to -- >> they're both becoming the same thing now. >> what do banks hold in their assets? they hold sovereign debt. sought countries are insolvent and the economies are insolvent. of course the banks are insolvent. that's massively deflationary. and yes, greece must leave the eurozone. absolutely. >> but i think this is somewhat different because what we saw back then here in the united states with the housing crisis was something that came on very sudden. expectations were not there, and there was nothing in place to prepare. this has been going on for three years. >> we've been watching this as a train wreck in slow motion. >> i remember summer of twoorks wasn 2007, wasn't that when the bear stearns highly leveraged -- that started -- it was a slow motion train wreck. >> but you get his point. we're asking could this be a lehman moment and the fact th
taxes driving the most successful people out of the united states? courtney reagan joins us with some of those details. >> that's right. brazilian born facebook founder eduardo saverin is renouncing his u.s. citizenship just before the social network is expected to go public, as kate kelly said. while no longer actively involved in facebook, his 4% ownership stake still stands to make him a billionaire nearly four times over. and announcing citizenship cuts off the u.s.'s tax claim on the proceeds. but his spokesperson doesn't cite the reason as taxes. the u.s. is just one of a few countries that taxes the passport holders no matter where they live in the world and work. nearly as many as eight times of americans renounced citizenship last year than in 2008. just a small estimated of the 8 million americans living and working abroad. it is likely to draw the attention of lawmakers. living abroad, you have to really separate your emotional and patriotic attachment. if you no longer need the benefits of u.s. citizenship, you have to file taxes every year for the rest of your life, even
on this every day -- as president of the united states, but you know really, larry, this is a presidential election, and elections are about choices. this is a choice between mitt romney's america and barack obama's america. there are two different visions. and when mitt romney was governor of massachusetts, his state ranked 47th out of 50 states in job creation. so he has his record at bain capital where he basically was willing to fire people at will if necessary to make a profit for his company -- >> keith, did you -- and then he goes to massachusetts. >> you seem to have forgotten the 4.7% unemployment rate -- >> no, i -- >> this -- this 47th ranking is a highly suspect number, and remember -- >> those are federal numbers. this is not a suspect -- i didn't just make that up. he wouldn't even deny his state ranked 47th out of 50 states in job creation when he was the governor -- >> come on, come on -- that's an obama talking point. >> you can't judge him on his record at bain, you can't judge him on his record as massachusetts governor, how the heck are we supposed to judge this guy? be
, the president of the united states goes into an emergency room and has to worry about where his blood is going and if someone is going to profit from it, it's absurd. >> a big hospital, you think they'd do the blood work inside the hospital. there must be something inside the agreement that the blood can't be handed out to an employee to take home. you have consulted lawyers about that? >> we have. it violates every conceivable right you can imagine to privacy. when you go into the hospital room in a tough medical condition, this is something you want to be thinking about? i don't think so. we've been in touch with gw. >> did the person with the blood contact you and try to sell you that blood? >> actually, the person with the blood contacted the united states government. they contacted the archives to find out whether or not the government had an interest in it. the government said to the person it's not government property. we don't have an interest in it. you give it back to the reagan estate and the person is selling it anyways. >> it's a disturbing story but there's a book out that goes i
to keep the banks system afloat. >> if, good forbid, we were to have a bank run in the united states, we know what happens. the fdic comes in, they take over the back. they back all the deposits. in order to say bank. greece doesn't really have that option rn right, because of the structure of the ear rao. >> did have any capital. the bank of greece still does exist and they've been allowed by the icbes to it's beenest maded they printed about 100 billion euros worth but the ecb looks like they spent so let's give that as a take away to our views. to see the outcome of the greek elections but the bottom line is we have to see whether or not the grebes are committed to keeping their money in the banks. >> that's the key. if they are committed to keeping their money in the bank, they probably won't vote for the radical parties in the june. >> moves on to spain, to it little, portugal, island. we'll forget about greece very quickly. >> and the poor greek people are going to suffer a lot. ben, thank you so much. >> thank you, michelle. >> coming up a blockbuster scandals involved piers morgu
that the activities which occur outside of the united states should not be subject to dodd/frank or to the volcker rule. this was a lond activity. but, boy, that's a huge loophole as well. so he's fighting for two or three loopholes and just this little bit of language. and we hope that the regulators will not give him any of the ones he's fighting for, because it would undermine the very purpose of dodd/frank. >> senator eleven also criticized republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, who has called for the repeal of dodd/frank. romney said today he favors instead common sense regulation. but carl levin said dodd frank is the only common sense regulation now on the books, and it's urgently needed so americans don't have to bail out banks one more time. >> we don't ever want to bail out banks again. we never should have to bail out banks again. but if they get away with this kind of bet, we're going to be right back in the soup again. we're going to end up either facing economic disaster, a depression, or having to bail out banks again. we don't want to have to be put in that position. >> the
, he put out a statement saying he believes barack obama was born in the united states and he himself put out a new ad today that focuses squarely on the economy, answering the bain capital attacks by going after president obama's stimulus program. >> president obama is spending your tax dollars to create jobs. how's he doing? you've heard of solyndra. they took $535 million in taxpayer loan guarantees and went bankrupt. but that's not even half the story. >> reporter: but of course, larry, money is the name of the game for this trip. and even more important than the fund-raiser that mitt romney is having tonight with donald trump, he met for an hour today with sheldon adelson, the billionaire casino magnate who bankrolled newt gingrich during the campaign. mitt romney wants him on his side and his super pac side all through election day. >> how much is adelson going to pony up? what's the buzz? >> reporter: well, he ponied up $10 million for newt gingrich and he's put up another 15 million for other conservative causes this year. he's got the capacity to help mitt romney about as muc
take that to the polls? and don't forget, whether it's the united states or europe or greece, free market capitalism always the best path to prosperity. i'm larry kudlow. "the kudlow report" will be right back. back. it's showtime for savings. excuse me, sir, how much are you charging for your popcorn? $4.00. $4.00. i'm just going to let the people have a choice. $1.00 for popcorn. come and get it. guess we'll make it two. you got it. progressive showed me my options, i'm showing you yours. $1.00, fresh popcorn. enjoy the show. you should have an option, just like with car insurance. that is a really great price. >>> congressman ron paul is not afraid to stir up trouble. he's going to be my special guest in just a moment. but while rick santorum came out to endorse mitt romney last night, you're about to hear on ron paul on why he will not endorse mitt romney. paul still hunting for delegates. but first he led an abolish the fed hearing today on capitol hill. eamon is back. >> don't forget ron paul is still in this race. here in washington there's been a lot of speculation over the
well in china, latin america, the united states, record profitability. we've got a little problem to solve in europe. but that's on the way to solution. general motors is back -- >> bob, to be fair, can gm solve the europe problem? i mean are you going to lend greece money? >> well, that's not the problem i'm talking about. i'm talking about the specific gm controllable problem which has to do with the german unions and german plants and so forth. >> right. >> i had lunch with dan akerson today, and i have the impression that the european problem is going to be solved. and it should have been solved 10 or 15 years ago, and it wasn't. but by god, in the next two years, it's going to be solved. >> i hope you're right on that. but you do have one other problem. if you're a gm investor, and you're holding equity and you bought at the ipo price, one thing you have out there is the federal government with these 500 million shares that is a -- there is going to be a seller, you know, going into any -- any profitability. so we need to see super strength in the gm share price to withstand
. we've been a leading job creating state and region of the united states. it's not as robust as any of us want. the reason i think that, larry, is because people are waiting. they're watding to see what's going to happen on the tax front. they're waiting to see what's going to happen. they're uncertain about the outcome. if you're a small business owner or a big business, what do you do? you have to wait it out, even though you may have liquidity on your side. it's happening here like it happens everywhere else. i think we're just slowing down, but we're still moving in a positive direction. >> and you're not worried about a real stall speed and you wouldn't change your view on, say, restoring operation twist, which comes due at the end of june? i know you've basically been unfavorable to it. are you rethinking that now in the light of some of these rather poor economic numbers? >> i'm not rethinking it because i don't think it's done any good. i just don't think it's had effect. there's so much liquidity out there, lar rirk we have 1.7 excess bank reserves in terms of trillions. tw
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. >> being president of the united states. obviously it is not going well. very least change programs dramatically. start doing some things that are thinking outside the bach in a different way than he has in the past. obviously policies aren't going well and evidence of that is the fact that he's changed his tune entirely. instead of saying that this is the -- set of policies that are most practical that are going to help the country get back on track he's torqued the whole argument to start trying to make this moral case against the free enterprise system talking about nothing more than fairness and inequality -- >> what is it he said that's against the free enterprise system? give me one example where president obama has attacked free enterprise. >> effectively every time he says that in this country millionaires and billionaires don't pay their fair share and that's hurting our country -- >> that's anti-free enterprise? >> ronald reagan when taxes were 50% and richard nixon, we had a 70% top marginal tax rate, they were against free enterprise as well? >> effectively when they bro
this was that the president of the united states in his official business, his duty as president is inserting politics and holding back to fdr's bio, saying guess what, i like social security a lot, too. it's strange. he's putting the ryan budget wars on the white house's official website? you've got to raise your eyebrows at that. >> he's trying to say that he, like reagan, wanted to tax millionaires. reagan was a tax cutter. "the washington post" gave him about three or four pinocchio noses for doing that. you use the word "duty" a few moments ago. obama trying to identify with ronald reagan is duty. that's what it is. >> he loves citing reagan and putting himself in grandiose terms throughout history. but bringing himself to the fair idea and saying that reagan would have supported obama's tax hikes, it makes no sense. no one is buying it. a lot of kids across this country go to this website to research their school projects, and instead of being confronted with a good biography with a president, they're confronted with trivial prop began dasm. >> i've got another word, orwellian. up next, stocks d
corporations in the united states investing in america, creating jobs with the cash they are sitting on their balance sheet? >> because terrified of the tax increases. they're terrified of obamacare, terrified of the spending and the debt. thank you for asking the right question. they are terrified of where economic policies is going under the president. >> no, because they are hoarding cash and they failed to invest in america. if you want to be accurate -- >> they are terrified of the policy. don't you sthat answer, economis happens between your ears. your perception of risk by private sector, worried to death. >> terry go ahead. >> there is a very good, very clear measure of the effectiveness of president obama's pollities. january, 2009, his top economic advisor, christina roemer published a report she said if congress enacted the $787 billion stimulus obama wanted, unemployment would never exceed 8%. next month ticked up to 8.3. congress passed the bill we haven't had a single month in obama's presidency when unemployment has been below 8%. the stimulus was a disaster, every pen
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21